Top 7 BIGGEST OPEN WORLD Games Ever Made

For open-world game lovers, I have taken 7 of the biggest of them and ranked them according to their map sizes.  By Simp Sensei 30 September 2022



It is latest game of Assassian's creed series. It has total map size of 140 sq. KM.  The main story of the game is set in the England and has many beautiful places to wander.


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Red Dead Redemption II

The story of the game is set in I1899. It has 195 Sq. KM map size. In the game you can see many  environment  including snow, Plains, , Mountains and even Forests.

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Days Z

It is a Zombie Survival Game and has a total map size of 225 Sq. KM.  In the game you have to survive by collection accessories and weapons in the fictional Country Chernarus.


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It is one of the most realistic Military games. There are 20 Vehicles and 40 Weapons in the game. Its story is set on the fictional island of Altis and Stratis and has a size of 270 Sq. KM.

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Death Stranding

You must deliver the car from one point to another without causing any damage, and other creatures will try to stop you. It is set in a fictional place and is 595 square KM.


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Just Cause 4

This game has a total map size of 1024 sq, KM. It is an action and a role-playing game just like GTA V. This game features different biomes including blizzards, sandstorms, and more.

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV takes place in the fictional world of Eos and has a map size of 1940 sq. KM. Eos is divided into 4 nations, some of them are free and some are ruled by kings.


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