Top 10 Most *Powerful* Organizations in Anime History!

These organizations could either be heroes or evil.


By Simp Sensei

09 April 2023


Although Kara from Boruto isn't totally well written, they can surpass Akatsuki in terms of power.

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Jujutsu Sorcerers

It is their responsibility to complete the tasks they have been assigned. In addition, it involves investigating deaths caused by cursed spirits and working to find the culprit.


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Seven Deadly Sins

In addition to consisting of 7 brutal criminals, they each have carvings based on the symbols of seven beasts.

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Straw Hat Pirates

It is true that not all members are equally powerful but they do their best in their area of expertise and are extremely loyal to their leader.


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Phantom Troupe

They are a total of 13 members. Each member has a total of spiders in their body, which is why they are also known as "Spiders".

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They have one main objective: to find all the jinxūriki and extract the tailed beast from them. So they can awaken the ten-tailed beast.


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Espada consists of 10 members and was led by Aizen. Its task is to follow Aizen's orders and make his task easy by taking on Gotei 13.

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Gotei 13

There are 13 captains and all have their own lieutenants and squad members. Their job is to maintain the balance between the world of living and the soul society.


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The Z Fighters

The Z Fighters are responsible for protecting the Earth and rescuing seven Dragon Balls from evil.

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The Sternritter group is the powerful Quincy group. Each Sternritter member is assigned a unique Schrifts by Yhwach


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