Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

We have mentioned some Most hated anime characters. By Simp Sensei 28 September 2022


Boruto Uzumaki

He is a crybaby, and he hates dad because he cares more about the village than his family. Unlike Naruto, Boruto has everything from the very start, and yet he always complains.


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Princess Malty Melromarc

She broke Naofumi’s trust by bringing sexual harassment allegations against him. Her enigmatic nature made her one of the most hated characters.

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He only thinks about girls and erotic things. His mind is only filled with erotic things. Being pervy is ok but he is useless at the same time and does not have a likable personality.


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Gabi Braun

She shot Sasha Braus. Fans united against her for the sin she did. She became most hated when she killed one of the sweetest and funniest characters.

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He turned Junpei who was an innocent guy, turned him into a bad-looking cursed spirit by using his ability then laughed at Yuji for his ability to do nothing.


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Shinji Ikari

His superiors expect him to do a lot. But he always acts like a crybaby and this is the reason why many fans hate him. Crying sometimes is OK, but he cries the whole show.

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Sakura Haruno

She never won a single fight by herself. Whenever she is in the middle of a big problem, she screams for Naruto's help. Usually, fans call her 'Trash'.


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Danzo Shimura

In his view, he isn't so much evil as just trying to protect Konoha Village, no matter what the consequences. The Uchiha Massacre and many other incidents were caused by him.

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Shou Tucker

He combined his daughter, and pet dog, leading to the creation of another chimera. He brutally destroyed the lives of his wife and child. We anime fans could never forgive him.


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Nobuyuki Sogou

In his real life, he was a criminal. In the virtual world, he is known as Oberon, Fairy King. He took advantage of Asuna’s unconscious state and tried to marry her.

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