8 Strongest Forbidden Jutsu In Naruto Ranked.

8 Strongest Forbidden Jutsu In Naruto Ranked.

There are many forbidden jutsu in Naruto but we ranked some strongest forbidden jutsu among them all. By Simp Sensei 06 September 2022

8. Izanagi

Using Izanagi, a user can alter reality or you can say that the caster can turn illusions into reality and the user can be brought back to life.

7. Muti-Shadow Clone Jutsu

Unlike normal clone jutsu this technique allows its user to multiply his body many times. It consumes a lot of chakra because of that it was classified as forbidden jutsu.

For using this technique, its user had to store a large amount of chakra for many years and then release it at one, providing them great strength and power.

6. Strength Of Hundred Seals.

5. Iwagakure Kinjutsu

Only Deidara used this technique in Naruto. He used to combine his kekkei Genkai with this forbidden technique to shape his clay according to his will.

4. Edo Tensei

Using this forbidden technique, a user can bring people back to life. It was created by the second Hokage and modified by Orochimaru and Kabuto.

3. Reaper Death Seal

This was one of the strongest sealing techniques in Naruto. Its user can extract the souls and seal them inside the Shinigami at the same time caster also loses his soul. 

2. Eight inner Gates

Might Guy had learned this technique from his father and later mastered it. This technique multiplies its user strength and power to its fullest extent.

1. Rinne Tensei

Someone with Rinnegan can only perform this technique. Using this, a user can bring bead people to life, unlike Edo Tensei this technique brought back people to their mortal bodies.