5 Reasons to Watch Boruto

Here are the 5 reasons to watch Boruto. By Simp Sensei 03 October 2022


Sorry, but there are absolutely no reasons to watch Boruto. so, today I am going to discuss about 5 Reasons, why you shouldn't watch Boruto.

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The animation quality is too bad, as you can see how badly they animated the face of Boruto in a death scene.

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Nerfed Characters

The old characters of the anime are shown weak just to show the young generation more powerful.


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Old Characters Design

The hairstyle of old characters has changed completely which made them look worse. Like Naruto's hairstyle is beyond our expectations.

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Bad Side Characters

Naruto's side characters were 100 times much better than that of Boruto. In Boruto there are no great side characters like Neji, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, and more... 


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Boruto anime is the father of the Filler episode. 80% of the anime is Anime canon which you could consider filler because it had nothing to do with the Manga storyline.

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