10 Most Popular Waifu of 2022 Ranked

These are the 10 Most Popular Waifu of 2022. By Simp Sensei 15 September 2022


Marin Kitagawa

Anime:- My Dress-up Darling  She is one of the most beautiful waifu of 2022. She is an otaku and loves to cosplay every single character that she loves


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Yor Forger

Anime:- Spy x Family She usually works as a clerk but in reality, she is an Assassin known as Thorn Princess. She is the stepmother to Anya and always protects her family.

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Anime:- Vermeil in Gold She is a demon who had been imprisoned for 100 years and was summoned by Alto. She is powerful. She kisses Alto in order to drain his mana to live.


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Shouko Komi

Anime:- Komi Can’t Communicate She is a goddess and idol of her school. She has communication disorder and her dream is to make 100 friends.

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Nazuna NANAkusa

Anime- Call of the Night A vampire, Nanakusa Nazuna, entered into a deal to drink Kou Yamori's blood. she's not that tall, standing about a head higher than middle schoolers.


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Chisato nishikigi

Anime:- Lycoris Recoil She is a young girl with medium-length blonde hair and red eyes and she is said to be strongest Lycoris of all time.

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Anime:- Overlord  Albedo is a woman with the face of a goddess and shiny jet-black hair. She is in charge of the general management and supervises the activities of the seven Floor Guardians.


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Chizuru mizuhara

Anime:- Rent-a-Girlfriend She is a college student. She works as rental girlfriend in order to improve  her acting and to pay for her acting school fees

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Erika Amano

Anime:-  A Couple of Cuckoos She is an Instagram celebrity who posts videos & photos to gain followers. Due to the circumstances, she has to marry a boy who she was switched at birth with.


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Annie Leonhart

Anime:- Attack on Titan: The Final Season She is a female Titan Shifter and a Scouting Legion member. It is possible to describe her as someone who doesn't let anyone approach her.

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