10 Most funniest anime of all time Ranked

Today, we have ranked The 10 Most Funniest Anime of All Time. By Simp Sensei 19 September 2022



It is a great mixture of comedy and action. Most people think that it is only famous because of references and parodies and has no plot. But in reality, it does have a plot.


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After his death, Kazuma Satou found himself in front of a beautiful goddess named Aqua, she gave him two opinions and you know what he chose? A life that a gamer wants, A real Fantasy World. 

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki has supernatural abilities ranging from telepathy to x-ray vision, but he doesn't consider his ability gifted by God and consider it as curse.


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Grand Blue

Iori has high hopes for having an ideal college experience but as he meets the local driving club he becomes shocked. The Club members spends their most of time drinking, partying, etc.

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The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Demon Lord Satan found himself in the human world and decides to find a way to get back to his dimension. Being powerless he started working at fast food point.


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Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

He is the ideal boy in his class. He is the perfect guy who can solve any problem because of his kind and cool nature many girls of his class have fallen for him.

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Daily Lives of High School Boys

It focuses on 3 schoolboy friends at Sanada North Boys High School; Tadakuni, Hidenori, & Yoshitake, & their interactions with other students  & around the community.


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Seishu is an expert calligrapher. His calligraphy is criticized for being too unoriginal by an elderly curator, so Seishu punches him. The result is that his father sends him to Goto Island.

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Plastic Neesan

Despite her short height, Iroe is often called "Elder Sister." She is the president of the Model Club at her school, which builds plastic models of various objects and structures.


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Kiss Him, Not Me

She is an otaku who reads yaoi. She locks herself in her room for a week after her favorite anime characters dies. Upon coming out, she discovers she has lost a lot of weight.

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