As we all know cloud gaming will be the future of the mobile gaming industry but we are living in the current time so, why would we wait for the future just to play high-end PC games on android? After all Cloud Gaming is currently available for us that’s why just read this complete blog to find out about the top 3 best cloud games of all time.

You just need an application to run high-end games on your smartphone but the problem is that we need high Internet speed to play games smoothly and a controller to control your game.

But don’t worry about these problems because, in this blog, I will tell you about the Top 3 Best Cloud Games Of All Time, which means if you have an internet connection of 500kb/s approx. then it will be enough to run games on the cloud. So, without any further delay let’s get started.

3. Google Stadia

You can download Stadia from your Google Play Store. It has more than 1M+ downloads with a  3.7 stars rating. Google LLC developed and published Stadia.

To install Stadia on your android device you must need Android version 6.0 or upper version. Stadia has a content rating of T(teens).

Google Stadia has many PC games in it you just need to create an account in the application and you can play some demo games in it later you can purchase its pro subscription to get access to more games. You can also access Google stadia in your web browser.

2. Nvidia GeForce Now

You can download Nvidia Geforce Now from your Google Play Store. It has more than 5M+ downloads with a  3.9 stars rating. NVIDIA developed and published Nvidia GeForce Now.

Nvidia Geforce Now is one of my favorite cloud gaming apps. In the app, you can change your server to get a smooth experience. You will get 1 hour of playing time daily and if you want to play more then you can check out their paid plans.

To play games in Nvidia Geforce Now you must own that game on your Epic Games or Steam or GOG account. All the game data will be saved on your game account so when you continue your game on any device then your game will continue from where you left off. 

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1. Xbox Game Pass

In our list of the top 3 best cloud games of all time, Xbox Game Pass holds first place. You can download Xbox Game Pass from your Google Play Store. It has more than 10M+ downloads with a  4.7 stars rating. Microsoft Corporation developed and published Xbox Game Pass on 20 August 2018.

To install Xbox Game Pass on your android device you must need Android version 6.0 or upper version. Xbox Game Pass has a content rating of T(teens).

You must need an Xbox Game Pass subscription to play games on this application, the price of the subscription for the first month is ₹50, and later the renewal price will be ₹499/ month. Xbox Game Pass will give you access to 100+ great AAA titles on your Android device

About Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is the online gaming service in which your video game is running on a remote server and your game is streaming on your android Phone. It is used by mobile gamers to play high-end PC games on their mobile phone.

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