Top 10 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India 2023

Anime has gained huge popularity and become a significant part of popular culture worldwide including India too. There is a significant growth in demand for anime merchandise in India with its increasing popularity. From action figures and postures to clothing and accessories, anime fans always try to find the best place to buy them. Finding the right place to buy merchandise could be a hassle. In this article, we will be looking at the list of the Top 10 websites to buy anime merchandise in India in 2023.

In India, many websites sell anime merchandise but we will be discussing some most popular websites to buy anime merchandise in India in 2023. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying anime merchandise online.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Anime Merchandise Online

Before you go and buy merchandise online there are a few things you should consider to ensure to get the best value of money. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Quality: When buying a cloth do check the material it is made from. It is very important to check it especially when you are spending a lot. Try to make sure that you are getting what you paid for.
  2. Authenticity: It is very important to check that the product you are buying is real and not fake. You can ensure that by checking the reputation of the website in the market and customer reviews of the products.
  3. Pricing: Check the price of a product on a different website to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Also, don’t fall for the cheap price trap of fake websites.
  4. Shipping: Make sure that a website is not overcharging for shipping and also offers reliable shipping and delivery options. It is mandatory to check its return policy in case the product does not meet your expectation.

So now you know a few things that you need to consider before buying then let’s check our list of Top Top 10 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India in 2023.

Top 10 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

1. Kiaya Accessories (Good)

Kiayaxanime-  Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

It is one of the trusted websites to buy anime merchandise out there. There is a reason behind that because they also have a presence on Instagram and post regularly too. They offer a huge variety of anime merchandise including famous anime series like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, AOT, Dragon Ball, and many more. They deal not only in clothing but accessories, wall decors, and anime lights too. You can also download their app which is available for both Android and iOS.

Before placing an order do check their shipping charges and refund policy as it could be changed. As for now, free shipping is available on orders above ₹999. You can replace a product but cannot take a refund. They give you credits in case you received damaged products but you should have an unboxing video.

Don’t rely on our information as things sometimes get updated from time to time so check yourself before proceeding.

2. Slanng (Overpriced)

Slanng- Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

It is also one of the most popular websites out there to buy anime merchandise in India. You can trust them as they have an active presence on Instagram with over 30,000 followers. Moreover, I found a video on YouTube trying their products which also creates trustworthiness. But the prices of even Oversized T-shirts reach over ₹1000.

They deal in T-shirts and Hoddies but their collection is not too big so you might not find your favorite anime merch there. I find their products overpriced. Do check the given below, he reviews about two T-shirts from Slanng.

On checking their return order option, it shows a 404 error but they do have a contact option given on their websites including a phone number moreover, they have an Instagram page too. It shows their presence so you can trust them. If you are still unsure then contact the support for any queries.

3. The Souled Store (For Naruto Fans)

the soul store- Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India
the souled store

This store is only for the Naruto fans as upon checking no other anime collections founded. But they deal in other varieties than anime like Marvel, DC, Cartoons, and Sports. The only reason for them to be here is because of Naruto and also The Souled Store is a very popular and trusted website that also offers refund/replacement on products. They also offer Cash on Delivery and about shipping charges, they have not mentioned.

On their Instagram page, they have 1.2 million followers so if you want Naruto merch do check out their collections.

4, Weeb Shop (Best for Accessories)

Weeb Shop- Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India
Weeb Shop

It is one of the genuine websites to buy anime merchandise but the only thing is that they do not offer anime clothing but deal with other items like Katana, figurines, posters, manga, and more. They also have an active presence on their Instagram page with over 2000 followers.

Many of the products seem to have a great price but few look overpriced. If you are desperately looking for katanas to buy then it could be a dream place for you. The katanas they offer are made up of wood and only have a limited collection. You can also get Ichigo’s Bankai there.

The shipping charges are not mentioned but they have mentioned it depends on the weight and dimensions of the items. The return policy lasts only for 3 days after that you are not eligible to get it. There are a few criteria before you can return or replace a product which you can read on their Shipping and Return page. It is for sure one of the best websites to buy anime merch in India.

5. Kawaii Kart (Best for Accessories)

Kawaii Kart- Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India
Kawaii Kart

Kawaii Kart only deals in anime keychains, figurines, and Katanas. They have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram. They got a huge collection of figurines which mostly are from popular animes. Their katana collection is very small and they have not mentioned the material of the sword but we can assume it to be wooden.

They charge ₹59 on orders below ₹999 and charges ₹99 on COD. Free shipping is not applicable on COD. They also offer a return and replacement policy but you have to qualify eligibility criteria mentioned by them. You can read it by simply clicking on their return and refund policy page. Moreover, you can also check their testimonials.

6. Zams (Good for Clothing)

Zams-  Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

Zams offers a decent variety of anime clothing. It is totally dedicated to anime merchandise. You can find Hoddies, T-shirts, and more. They have very few anime accessories and majorly only focus on clothing. It offers anime merchandise from 9 anime series including Naruto and One Piece. On Instagram, they are constantly active and have over 70,000 followers.

They provide free shipping on every prepaid order. The products are non-refundable but you can replace them only if you raise a complaint within 24 hours of delivery. You can directly refer to their refund policy here.

7. Comic Sense (Most Trusted)

Comic Sense- Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India
Comic Sense

It is in the market since 2016 and is still there. It offers a wide variety of anime merchandise from over 25 anime. They are also available on Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart. It is clearly the best website in the list so far because of its long presence and the varieties its offers.

On Instagram, they have 7,000 followers and post regularly. They claim to offer 100 days return/replacement policy. There are a few products that cannot be returned or replaced like masks and others because of hygienic reasons. To read the terms and conditions related to the return/replacement policy refer to their official page.

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8. Fans Army (Good for Clothing)

 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India
Fans Army

Fans Army offers a huge collection of T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Winter Wear. In addition to that, they also deal in keychains but they are few like six options available only. Now the collection is big enough but only from a few anime like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, AOT, and a few more. They have more than 25,000 followers on Instagram with an active presence.

They also offer a return/replacement policy. If you want to return then the product should be in the same condition as you receive. Not only that they also actively give replies to the comments on Instagram. They charge ₹50 shipping charge on orders below ₹499. COD is available but for any amount of order, they will charge ₹50 as shipping charges. They also mention their product description along with washing instructions not only that you can also find public reviews on different products. In simple words, Fans Army is a genuine store to buy anime merchandise in India.

9. Otaku India Store (All Rounder- Huge Collections)

 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India
Otaku India Store

It is like the best website to buy anime merchandise in India in 2023 in our list so far as the categories they offer are immense, it could be the best place to buy anime clothing too. You can buy T-shirts, katanas, cosplay outfits, cosplay props, posters, keychains, figurines, earrings, shoes, and many more from there. The best thing is that they offer merchandise from over 20 anime series. On Instagram, they have 10k followers and post regularly.

They do have a refund/replacement policy but whether an item is eligible or not can be only confirmed by their team members. If your item is eligible to return/replace then you have read the criteria mentioned on their shipment and return page. Overall Otaku India Store is popular and offers a wide variety so do check out their collection if you want to buy anime merchandise.

10. SleekandPeek (Decent)

 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

They deal in anime clothing of ten selected anime for now including Naruto, One Piece, AOT, SpyxFamily, and more. They also have an active presence on Instagram and have over 35k followers. The good thing about them is that they offer free delivery on prepaid orders. COD is also available but ₹50 Charges are imposed for shipping. You can also return/replace orders under there 14 days return/replacement policy which you can find on their official website.

There is a thing that I found about them and that is their support which is not good at all. I saw people commenting on their Instagram posts about their problem and they did not even respond. So now it is your choice whether to order from here or not.

Bonus Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise

1. Casime (Phone Cases)

 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

If you are looking for anime phone cases then it could be the best place for you. They provide both glass and normal phone cases. They cover anime phone cases from over 12 anime series including recent anime like Chainsaw Man, Bleach, and Blue Lock. Though they don’t have a lot of followers on Instagram they are regular. They also reply to the people’s queries which is great. So it could be the best place for you to anime phone cases.

They also provide refund/replacement in case the product is damaged. You can read the full information on the return policy page on their website.

2. The Saga City (Best to buy Clothing)

 Websites to Buy Anime Merchandise in India

The collection they offer is also very huge as they offer anime clothing from over 25 anime series. It is definitely one of the best websites to buy anime merch out there. They have over 10k followers on Instagram,

Delivery is free on prepaid orders above ₹500 and for COD ₹100 will be charged on orders below ₹2499. Moreover, a return/replacement option is also available which is only available when your received product is defective and wrong. The return/replacement policy lasts for 7 days after the delivery. For more information please refer to the return and exchange policy.

Bonus Tip

Before making any purchase from any of these websites it’s better to check their prices on Amazon and Flipkart as you may find better deals there. In addition to Flipkart and Amazon, Meesho and Bewakoof-like websites also offers anime merchandise so compare from all of them and buy from the best.

Things We Consider Before Including These Websites

  • Presence on Instagram or other Social Media platforms.
  • It should be Indian.
  • Popularity
  • Trustworthiness and Popularity among People.


  1. This is not a sponsored article.
  2. All the information given on the page is the result of our own research.
  3. Do your own research before buying from any of these as their policies get changed from time to time.
  4. But as of now (April 28), all of these mentioned websites are highly popular, trustable, and working fine in the market.
  5. We are not responsible if you used any of these websites and they do not work or do not deliver what they promise.

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