Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

Watching anime not only entertains us but also makes us happy. We always end up liking some character who has a good personality or looks cool. But sometimes some characters boil our blood. We always wish that these characters shouldn’t have existed. They just ruin our whole mood. It simply means they are the most hated characters in anime of all time.

I can say for sure that you also hate some anime characters, don’t worry it’s not you alone who hates some characters because I also hate a few characters. ( Not only me, but you could also count every single anime viewer)

Today we have listed some most hated characters in anime of all time. I said listed so it simply means that we are not ranking them. Don’t get mad at us if you don’t find some characters in the list below as you know that there are a lot of characters and it’s impossible to rank them all at once.

Keep in your mind that you could get some spoilers also so we are warning you don’t say anything to us later…

So let’s dig into the list…

10. Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Uzumaki

Anime :- Boruto: Next Generation Naruto

Boruto is a show which shouldn’t have existed in the first place. This show ruins the reputation of the Naruto series. We all love Naruto because we know how hard his life was and how he became the greatest shinobi of all time. Boruto on the other hand is just trash who doesn’t know any hardships.

He is a crybaby, who just hates his dad because he cares more about the village than his family. Boruto had disrespected Naruto many times in the show. Unlike Naruto, Boruto has everything from the very start, and still, he always complains.

Boruto has inherited many skills from Naruto. Could you believe me that he learned Rasengan in just 5 days, of course I know it was not that much stronger but our Naruto did so much hard work to achieve it.

Who knows about the future but for now he deserves to be on the list of most hated characters in anime of all time.

9. Princess Malty Melromarc

Princess Malty Melromarc

Anime:- The Rising Of The Shield Hero

She could be considered one of the main antagonists as she was responsible for the beginning of everything. She was the first and worst princess of Melromarc.

You should not judge her based on her looks and beauty became you don’t really know about her.

Naofumi after entering the world of fantasies, only trusted Malty as his ally because she talked with him in a very polite manner. Naofumi developed feelings and fell for her beauty.

She broke Naofumi’s trust by putting sexual harassment allegations against him. Her deceiving nature made him one of the most hated characters in anime of all time. Naofumi later also give her the nickname ‘Bitch’.

8. Mineta


Anime:- My Hero Academia

Who doesn’t loves pervy and naughty characters? I love them as they make scenes funnier like our Great Jiraya Sensei and there are some characters too like Sanji. We love their personality and their pervy nature.

Mineta is a character who gets hated by everyone. His character design, looks, and the dress doesn’t seem serious at all. He only thinks about girls and erotic things. His mind is only filled with erotic things. Being pervy is ok but he is useless at the same time also and doesn’t have a likable personality.

He is not evil or something like that but his presence made fans irritating as even without him the show could go smoothly.


7. Gabi Braun

Gabi Braun

Anime:- Attack on Titan

She was a likable character earlier but she recently became one of the most hated characters in anime of all time after the AOT final season was released.

She is part of the Marley Army and is one of the most skilled warriors. Gabi initially got love from the fans.

But things turned around after the declaration of war. On her way to Eldia, she shot Sasha Braus. Fans united against her for the sin she did. The moment she killed one of the sweetest and funniest characters, she became most hated.

6. Mahito


Anime:- Jujutsu Kaisen

He is a Special Grade Cursed Spirit just like Jogo and Sukuna. He looks very good and nicely written also. His one cheap trick made him the most hated character.

He turned Junpei who was an innocent guy, turned him into a bad-looking cursed spirit by using his ability. He first turned Junpei into an ugly spirit then laughed at Yuji for his ability to do nothing.

JuJutsu Kaisen fans can not forget Mahito for what he did to Junpei. He deserves to be on this list for making an innocent suffer.

5. Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari

Anime:- Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji is a 14-year-old boy and he is expected to do a lot by his superiors. He always cries like a crybaby and this is the main reason why many fans don’t like him. Crying sometimes is ok but he cries the whole show.

Evangelion is a dark anime so yes we could not expect people to smile every time. But characters like Shinji who just cry over things over again and again really make him annoying.

4. Sakura Haruno

Skaura Haruno

Anime:- Naruto

Her presence in Team 7 is negligible. Not only in Team 7 but in the half of the Naruto Series. When it comes to team 7 only Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi come to our mind. Sakura’s contribution to the whole show is nothing. As Sasuke said, ” You are annoying “. I guess he was completely right.

Till the end of the show, he only cared about Sasuke, no matter how much Naruto tries to protect her and save her. Even after getting trained by Tsunade herself, she never won a single battle all by herself. Whenever she is in the middle of something big problem, she just screams Naruto help.

I am with the fans who hate Sakura. Fans also gave her a very amazing nickname which justifies her personality, ‘ Useless ‘.

3. Danzo Shimura

Danzo Shimura

Anime:- Naruto Shippuden

If we see him according to his POV then he is not so much evil as he just wants to protect Hidden in the Lead Village, no matter what the ways are. He was the main reason behind Uchiha Massacre and many other incidents too.

He used every possible way to protect the village. As an example, he tried to imprison Naruto in order to protect him from Akatsuki. You could say that more than Naruto he was worried about the tailed beast inside him.

His one arm is all messed up, it has many Sharingan eyes and Hashirama cells too. This itself shows its character.

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2. Shou Tucker

Shou Tucker

Anime:- Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my fan-favorite anime. Shou Tucker, the Sewing-life alchemist, was introduced in the show very early. He got his license by stitching his wife with an animal and the chimera, the resulting product, begged to kill him.

After a few years, Shou combined his daughter, Nina, and pet dog, Alxendra, leading to producing of another chimera which was one of the most inhumane things fans have ever witnessed. He brutally destroyed the lives of his wife and child. We anime fans could never forgive him.

1. Nobuyuki Sogou

Nobuyuki Sogou

Anime:- Sword Art Online

In his real life, he was a criminal/kidnapper. He had kidnapped over 300 people from SAO for his personal experiment. In the virtual world, he is known as Oberon, Fairy King. He took the advantage of Asuna’s unconscious like state and tried to marry her.

He in his virtual world caged Asuna so that he could gaze at her, he treats her like a pet.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of our article in which we covered the most hated characters in anime of all time. I hope that you have gotten enough correct information about everyone present on the lists. If you find that we have made some mistakes you could tell us in the comment section below.

Updated: May 30, 2023 — 10:34 pm

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