Chainsaw Man Anime has gained a massive fan base after its release. Some people watched it for its Story and Animation while others watched it for its waifus.

All the characters in it are amazing but there are their own reasons to fight with devils, some want money, some want a blissful life, some want to take revenge, etc., etc. However, some fans are not interested in these things and just want to know about the waifus in it.

After seeing Makima, Power, Himeno, and Kobeni in action. Fans are very excited to see Reze and Quanxi on the screen. However, there are a few more badass girls in the series. so, we have ranked the Top 10 Chainsaw Man Waifus.

10. Pingtsi

Pingtsi Chainsaw Man

She is a very cheerful and talkative girl. Pingtsi loves to share useless facts to impress and entertain Quanxi.

Rather than this, she is part of Quanxi’s girlfriends. As a fiend, she does have any special powers that make her special. Even though she can’t make any contract with other devils her powers are considerably weaker than her devil form. However, she has all other standard devil abilities.

Despite her personality and powers, fans love to see her.

9. Yoru

Yoru Chainsaw Man

There is no doubt that Yoru is one of the most beautiful female characters in the Chainsaw Man series.

She is a member of the four Horsemen and known as the War Devil. Currently, she resides in Asa Mitaka’s body as a Fiend. She plays a key role in the Academy Saga as a villainous protagonist.

Yoru treats her opponents as nothing more than warm-up exercises. She is too confident in her skills and it makes her proud. Even though she is powerful enough to take down her opponents, she still manipulates people for her own purpose.

Her ultimate goal is to revive the Nuclear weapons devil and to do so she does not care about its host body and people nearby, she can kill to proceed to its goal.

8. Fami

Fami Chainsaw Man

She is a Four Horsemen member who disguises herself as a student at Fourth East High School. Occasionally, she helps out Yoru, the War Devil, as well.

Fami is a very mysterious Devil who rarely shows emotions but has a good read of other people’s characters. And that’s the thing I like about her and it makes her one of the best Chainsaw Man female characters.

Her goals and the full potential of her abilities are not yet clear. However, she can revive dead Devils, Fiends, and Hybrids and even teleport. She is one of the Four Horsemen so you can imagine she must possess some special powers.

7. Sawatari

Sawatari Chainsaw Man

She is a young woman with short hair and eyes with slit pupils like a snake. Her expressionless face shoots her and she looks quite young.

She was a former Devil Hunter but as of now, she works with Gun Devil. Currently, she had a contract with snake devil which is really strong as we have already seen in Anime it killed Ghost Devil by itself.

She generally keeps her hand in her hoodie and stays calm but when things don’t work according to her plan, she immediately gets panicked.

6. Himeno

Himeno Chainsaw Man

She is a very cool and calm senpai to his subordinates. She motives Denji by offering him a french k*ss, which really made him focused on his work.

As a senior, she is mature to take wise decisions for her team and she works under Makima’s special squad.

She wears an eyepatch over her right eye and wears her regular work-hour suit with a black tie. she has a contract with Ghost Devil.

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5. Kobeni

Kobeni Chainsaw Man

She is very shy and doesn’t talk much. She easily gets scared by any devil even power is enough to make her afraid. To save her own life she is always ready to cheat her comrades.

She is a coward and seems like doesn’t have much strength to work in Public Safety Devil Hunter. However, we all saw how she attacked Snake Devil by herself, of course, to protect herself. This really makes her suitable for Devil Hunter but it is only her weak mind that sucks.

4. Quanxi

Quanxi Chainsaw Man

She has thick, cream hair that is tied back in a ponytail. Her right eye of hers is covered by an eye patch and her left eye is brown.

While she sits in bed with her harem of girlfriends, Quanxi has no shame in discussing business while she’s expressing little emotion, even as her girlfriends fawn over her.

Known for his devil-hunting skills, Quanxi is a crossbow Devil hybrid. Rather than this, she was Kishibe’s love interest when they were young.

3. Power

Power Chainsaw Man

She has two horns on her head and is a childish, greedy, and self-motivated girl as well. She is a fiend and part of Makima’s special squad in Public Safety Devil Hunters.

However, Power is a very untidy girl and a silly one as well. She even does not take a bath or flush her toilet.

It seems like she is clever but she is not. She always blames others. Despite that, she is a nice girl who does not want to kill people but kills devils instead. She is a Blood Fiend, thus she can manipulate blood as her weapon.

2. Reze

Reze Chainsaw Man

She can manifest as the Bomb Devil, a hybrid devil form.

Reze is a Russian agent. Her goal is to gain Denji’s affection by infiltrating his mind. In the Bomb Girl Arc, she appears as the main villain in the arc.

After meeting Denji, she crushes him. She’s a sweet, gentle young woman. There is no hesitation in her getting close to and intimate with Denji, as she always laughs at his jokes.

1. Makima

Makima Chainsaw Man

It seems like she is a nice, gentle, friendly, social, and kind woman, and the smile on her face can make anyone feel relaxed. However, this is only a mask she uses to fulfill her main goal.

Even though she is a villain in the series, fans still love her because of her cold nature. Just believe me, her nature is enough to make you fall for her.

And the fact is that most of the girls ranked in this post are villains from the series. However, the illustrator made them all so beautiful that we cannot resist mentioning them here.

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