Smart Anime Characters That Would Beat Squid Game

There are many smart characters in animes that we loved to watch. They are so smart that normal humans like us are nothing in front of them. Today, we have listed a few smart anime characters that would beat Squid Game. This is part 2 of ‘Smart Anime characters that would beat squid game’, you can check out part 1 also from here.

Part 1:- Smart Anime Characters That Would Beat Squid Game

We haven’t ranked them based on their skills so don’t get offended if you find your character at the bottom of the list. This list is going to contain the smartest characters from different anime. So, let’s jump into our list.

5. Sikaku Nara

Anime:- Naruto Shippuden

He has an IQ of 200+ which is above the genius level and was the smartest character in the Naruto Verse. He was the master of Shogi, a board game based on strategy, and always defeated his son. Being a member of the Nara Clan, he was smart from the very start. Even at the age of 13-years, he had an IQ of over 200, which itself states how intelligent he is. He was the Chief Strategist of Hidden in the Leaf Village during the fourth great ninja war.

Other than his IQ, he has shadow possession Jutsu, using which he could control someone using his shadow. This would give him a great advantage in Squid Game and also would have won the squid game.

4. Yuuichi Katagiri

Anime:- Tomodachi Game

He is one of the smartest guys in his verse who alone carried his whole team and clear the games. Tomodachi Games Administration considered him the most dangerous and unpredictable contestant they have ever invited. Inviting him into the game was their biggest mistake ever. He can manipulate his friends and use them as a tool. He reads the situation and makes instant plans which makes him ahead of everyone.

In starting of the show, Yuuichi seemed to be a guy who always give preference to his friend but as the show progressed he showed his dark side too. Considering all these things we could reach the conclusion that he would have won the Squid Game.

3. Ayanokoji

Anime:- Classroom of the Elite

He has an IQ of 281, which is the highest on this list compared to the other two. Not only his IQ but his fighting skills are better than Yuuichi’s. He could read the emotions of people accurately and can also manipulate them to use them for his own benefit. He purposely scored 50 points precisely in each subject and was placed in D-Class.

His communication skill sucks, so he talks in a monotonous way in the anime and avoids social gathering. Using his skills he could easily win Squid Game.

2. Johan Liebert

He is considered one of the best antagonists in the Animanga ever. His IQ level is above 200. He has spent his life in different locations and possesses intelligence and charisma. His ability to analyze and deduce is outstanding, especially when it comes to analyzing human nature, and he can immediately gain control over people’s cores, discover their weak points, acknowledge their worth, figure out their mental processes, and manipulate them with ease.

One of his specialties is unlocking people’s “monsters”, exposing their inner darkness and making them accept it. Afraid, guilty, regretful, lonely, or in pain, he feels no emotion. He would have also won Squid Game easily.

1. Aizen Sosuke

He was the main antagonist of the Bleach series. You could understand his intelligence by just this he planned every single thing in Bleach anime, he was responsible for every single incident Ichigo and others faced in their life. He doesn’t need to use his brain or strength to win the Squid Game as he is a Shinigami, he could use his Zanpakutō ability which is Complete Hypnosis, to win the Squid Game.

Zanpakutō is a sword that possesses special and unique abilities only worn by Shinigamis. Aizen alone with his presence could kill any normal human. His power level is unmatchable in this list. Thus, he deserves to be at the top of the list.

I am really excited to watch Aizen in the upcoming Bleach TYBW arc but this time he is not going to be the main antagonist. If you disagree with our listing then feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Updated: May 29, 2023 — 8:26 pm

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