Season 1 of Naruto Hindi Dub was just awesome, but suddenly sony yay has stopped broadcasting Naruto’s new episodes. Fans went wildand asked many Anitubers when will new episode premiere on T.V.

Well, no more episodes will be coming in Season 1. Since Naruto is getting a new season (Season two). There hasn’t been an official release date for Naruto Season 2 yet, but Sony Yay displayed a pop-up banner announcing its Season 2 coming soon.

Whenever the Naruto season 2 release date will be out, we’ll update this article, so stay tuned.

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In the original series, season one consists of 57 episodes but in the Hindi Dubbed season one, they showed only 26 episodes. This is due to the fact that more episodes are still being dubbed. Additionally, Netflix has divided the Naruto series (available on their platform) into several seasons.

There is a possibility that Sony Yay will do the same and divide the Naruto series into several seasons. so, that they will have sufficient time to dub it.

Since new episodes of Naruto weren’t coming, many Anitubers spread fake rumors about its banning in India. Even, said that the Parents had registered complaints for showing violent things to kids.

Since there is no proof regarding this rumor and I don’t believe either. Sony Yay had already censored all the violent things even though they had changed the color of the blood, blurred some scenes, and changed a Jutsu name just to make the show appropriate for the kids.

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    1. They will broadcast Naruto in different seasons because if they will keep broadcasting naruto without any pause they will run out of material very soon and dubbing also take time.

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