Ichigo Kurosaki and Naruto Uzumaki are the two great protagonists from the “Big 3” of anime. Now if you have no idea about “Big 3” then let me tell you as the name suggests it consists of 3 shōnen anime series that made a great impact during their era which includes Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. But that is not our topic, so let’s continue talking about Ichigo Kurosaki vs Naruto Uzumaki- Who is stronger? I will first start by explaining their power and abilities, along with how powerful they are in their own world. Well everyone knows about Naruto’s condition in Boruto but leaving that aside I will be including his final form, not his current state. On the other hand, Ichigo’s final form has not been revealed yet in anime, so I will include his current state in the anime and will cover its full potential.

Both the anime heroes have immense power and abilities and comparing them does not make any sense as both of them belongs to different anime world. But still, people like you and me sometimes get curious about it. Other cases might be that you are not able to digest the truth and search for a source to confirm. Worry not I will definitely clear your doubt and by the end of this article you will get your answer, the answer about Who is more powerful? Ichigo or Naruto.

I have watched both anime and also witnessed Naruto’s final form in Boruto anime. So I completely understand their power and abilities. The battle between Naruto and Ichigo is going to be legendary, so let’s continue today’s battle round- Ichigo Kurosaki vs Naruto Uzumaki.

Note: This article will contain too many spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

Naruto Uzumaki: Power & Abilities

naruto uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is no doubt a very powerful ninja and was also jinchūriki of the nine-tailed beast, Kurama. Now, I know his current conditions in Boruto, but I am talking about his peak power. Naruto has one of the largest chakra (chakra is like energy that ninjas use to perform different Justus) reserves. Naruto has a lot of different power modes like Sage mode, KCM, and at last Baryon mode, his final form. Keeping other forms aside, let’s focus on Baryon Mode, the most powerful out of all. Baryon mode has its own unique power as it is created by the fusion of Naruto and Kurama chakra at the same time. It gives him a great advantage, especially in hand-to-hand combat. Let’s see his power and abilities in detail:

Speed and Mobility

Naruto is already the fastest ninja in Naruto and Boruto series, even faster than his father, Minato Namikaze (Yellow Flash Of The Leaf). So his was never a question. Moreover, in Baryon Mode his mobility significantly increased as he blocked Ishikki’s rods and cubes at such a high speed that even Sasuke with his Sharingan seems to be lacking.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

In the Naruto world, hand-to-hand combat is referred to as Taijutsu. Might Guy was the strongest Taijutsu user with his 8 inner gates, but after his might with Madara, he lost his combat skills. Naruto in Baryon Mode surpasses almost everyone in the series in terms of hand-to-hand combat. He overpowered Ishhiki Otsutsuki in hand-to-hand combat as he was beating him like a piece of garbage. He was already pretty good in hand combat, but with the speed and mobility of Baryon Mode, his combat level was unmatched.

Special Advantage of Baryon Mode

Baryon Mode is the result of intermixing of the Chakra of Kurama and Naruto, which results in a tremendous amount of power release. Naruto in Baryon Mode can decrease the life span of anyone who comes in contact with him. In order to stop Isshiki Baryon Mode was the only option.

Regeneration Abilities

Naruto with the help of Kurama can regenerate superfast. His biggest flex can be seen in an episode when he got stabbed, and he did not even realize it until Sarada told him. Not only he can regenerate himself but can also heal others with the help of Kurama’s chakra.

Constraints on Naruto

It is only one, and that is the amount of time he could manage to be in that form. Naruto himself appeared to be facing a problem in Baryon Mode as he manages to hold it for a few minutes only, but till that time he somehow managed to decrease the utmost life span of Ishikki. Things do not stop here, Naruto also lost Kurama at the cost of using Baryon Mode as Kurama lied to him before about what would happen after using Baryon Mode.

Battle IQ

He looks foolish most of the time, but not during the battles. Naruto has proved several times about his battle intelligence in anime. In Boruto’s anime, his intelligence in Battle is even greater. Though Sasuke is a little bit more intelligent, Naruto is not too behind.

Ichigo Kurosaki: Power & Abilities

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo may seem less powerful to Naruto-obsessed fans, but he is not. In Bleach, there are a lot of different species like Humans, Soul Reapers, Hollows, and Quincy. We are aware of humans, but other terms may be new to you. The base of power in bleach is spiritual pressure, which releases with the release of spiritual energy. The spiritual pressure is only base, and they all possess different levels of spiritual pressure and abilities. Soul Reapers and others have their own unique powers. The most interesting thing is that Ichigo possesses the power of all as he is human with Soul Reaper power, he gained the power of Quincy from his mother and during his training to get his power back, he became a hollow too.

Just like Naruto, he also has different forms throughout the series like his hollow form, Soul Reaper form, Dangai form, and more. Let’s talk about Ichigo’s power and abilities.

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Spiritual Pressure or Energy

Ichigo has a lot and a lot of spiritual pressure. The most interesting thing is that he himself has no control over his spiritual pressure, it just depends on how powerful his opponent is. Unlike Naruto, Ichigo’s powers have no restrictions. His final form where he combines his all powers has not been shown in anime yet, but even without his final form, he is strong enough to fight and match a captain.

Speed and Reflexes

Ichigo’s speed is pretty amazing as with the time in anime his speed increased at a great pace. I have heard after his current training in anime (TYBW arc), his speed will be unmatchable.


As he is a Soul Reaper, he has Zanpakuto named Zangetsu. His Zanpakuto has a lot of mystery that we got to know in the new arc. His Zanpakuto may seem like a normal sword, but it is not. Each Zanpakuto has two forms of release, one is Shikai and the other is Bankai. Ichigo has already achieved Bankai, but it is not his true Bankai soon in the upcoming cour of the TYBW arc we will be witnessing his true Bankai which will be much stronger than earlier.


It totally depends on the spiritual pressure of Ichigo and his opponent. We have witnessed in anime that in the initial episode, Ichigo was not able to cut or stab Captain Zaraki’s body because of the immense Spiritual Pressure he has. Now Ichigo also possesses tremendous Spiritual Pressure which can be used as offense and defense at the same time depending on the user. Spiritual Pressure can be used to make a layer around a body in order to make it hard.

Who is Stronger- Ichigo Kurosaki vs Naruto Uzumaki

Now let’s put them in a battle in a battle to find out who is more powerful.


It is not clear, but it seems to me that Ichigo in anime now might be equal in speed to Naruto, but by the time when he will achieve his true form, his speed will definitely surpass Naruto’s speed. Most fans agreed on Ichigo is faster than Naruto.


Naruto has more experience than Ichigo as he started his journey of becoming a fully-fledged ninja from a very young age while on the other hand, Ichigo has only experience of a few years.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Without Zanpakuto, Ichigo might fall a little short in hand-to-hand combat. Naruto is more skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as we have also witnessed during Naruto vs Isshiki fight in Boruto.


It goes to Ichigo, as Ichigo could use his Spiritual Pressure as a defense by covering his whole body with it, whereas Naruto can’t do so.

Battle IQ

Again it goes to Ichigo, Ichigo fights with more tactics and strategy than Naruto. Even in general intelligence, Ichigo is far ahead of Naruto.


Ichigo takes this round too, as Ichigo has limitless strength. It is all because of him being a mixture of all breeds and his huge spiritual pressure.

Ichigo’s advantage over Naruto

Even though Naruto is a powerful ninja, he is still a human, so possibly he can’t see Ichigo as he is a soul reaper. Ichigo, in his soul-reaper form, cannot be seen by common people. Naruto may feel the presence, but can’t possibly see him. So based on this advantage, Ichigo would win for sure.

Winner – Naruto or Ichigo?

So based on my own understanding and public reviews, I reached the decision that Ichigo is more powerful than Naruto. The main reason behind this would also be that Bleach’s world is far more complex and powerful than Naruto’s world. So I hope that this will clear all the doubts you have. I also want to share with you that Ichigo is not even the strongest in his world, so just imagine how powerful Bleach’s verse is. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.

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