Hyperinflation Manga is the Most Anticipated Manga which Fans want To See as Anime in 2023.

“Manga We Want to See Animated Ranking”, is one of the projects of Anime Japan. It gained a lot of popularity among manga as well as anime fans. This year 90 manga was nominated which were popular and out of which 10 were selected based on the votes. We will take a look at the list that is made out by Anime Japan, which is the Most Anticipated Manga which Fans want To See as Anime in 2023.

The voting period of this poll was from 20th January 2023 to 3rd February 2023. The authors of all the manga that is in the top 10 have commented on being getting on the list.

What is “Manga We Want to See Animated Ranking”?

It is a project that had started by Anime Japan and gained popularity year after year. This year they will mark their 10th anniversary. Every year they select a wide variety of mangas and the top 10 mangas get selected based on the vote received from fans.

Of the mangas that they had featured in their top 10 lists over recent years, most of them already received an anime adaptation. So from this, we could also conclude that the mangas that have featured in the top 10 lists could get anime adaptation soon.

How Many Mangas got adopted?

Not one but a lot of among them had adopted. A few famous names are Komi Can’t Communicate, The Way of the Househusband, Life Lessons with UramichiOniisan, and more. Solo leveling was also featured twice and its anime adaptation is scheduled for 2024. So from this, we could conclude that we might see an anime adaptation of these mangas that has been listed this year.

Top 10 ‘Manga We Want to See Animated’ of This Year

Let’s dive into the list!

1. Hyperinflation

The author of the manga is Kyu Sumiyoshi. He has commented on getting selected for 1st position, which you can read by simply going to the official website of Anime Japan.

Let’s talk about the plot of the manga. A boy named Luke has lost his parent in an empire slave hunt. Now for the next slave hunt his sister has been put up at auction. Somehow being in despair, he gained the ability to generate money using his body. So he decided to participate in the auction. Read manga for the full story.

2. The Ramparts of Ice

Author:- Kocha Agasawa

Plot:- It is a story about a girl named Koyuki Hikawa who is unsociable. She was alone in high school until she met Minato Amamiya. Minato cleared the gap between him and her. The story features 4 teens the loner Koyuki, the popular girl Miki, the sociable boy Minato, and the laid-back and kind basketball club player Yota. It is a story that revolves around teens and their complicated relationships.

3. Nito to Tazuka no Nichijo

Author:- Satoutoshio

Plot:- The story is about a boy named Nito who confesses his love to his childhood friend Tazuka. It is a cute and great love story between childhood best friends.

4. A Hidden Side to my Crush

Author:- Shimamura

Plot:- Tomoya, is a college freshman who wants to be in a relationship for the first time but there is a problem he is still a virgin! He got closer to a girl, Waka Sakuraba who is his club member. But inspired by this he couldn’t gather the grudge to ask her out. But suddenly one day he got to know about the hidden side of her crush, Waka..



Plot:- Oriko Fujidou is a girl belonging to a rich family who runs financial groups of firms. She is doing a fabulous job in developing a “town” which she received when she was 4. One day suddenly a giant enemy invaded them from space into her town. Then her butler gave her a potion that will turn her into a giant. It is a comedy manga but not too erotic! It simply covers a story of a girl who turned into a giant.


6. Be my worst nightmare!

Author:- Michelle

Plot:- Sayo Hoshikawa is a high school student who is insecure about his height. Sayo saw a girl who is getting rejected by a much taller and handsome, Mashiba. He likes to see that girl being rejected. He tried to give Mashiba his perfect match but failed. Mashiba used to call him cute just to irritate him. Soon Sa started to have strange dreams and the content of his dream even get worse.

7. Who Made Me a Princess

Author:- Spoon / Plutus

Plot:- It follows the story of a girl, Athanasia de Alger Obelia who reincarnated as a fictional character. In the story, Anthanasia was mercilessly killed by her father. He was accused of poisoning the beloved princess.



Plot:- A “bank” is a place where those people meet who is obsessed with money. Someone who has seen a large amount of money noticed that this place could be best for gambling. And that’s how gambling started in the basement of the “bank”.

9. Falling high school girl and Irresponsible teacher

Author:- sora

Plot:- It is a relationship between the teacher and a girl, Mikoto (a high school student ). After getting rejected by her crush she attempts to suicide but her physics is Jin Haiba. Feeling confused as the teacher tells her, “How about we have a romantic relationship before you die?” It is a disastrous story between Mikoto and her teacher who casually visit her house.

10. Ninja vs. Gokudo

Author:- Shinsuke Kondo

Plot:- A ninja boy, Shinoha cannot laugh due to trauma and Kiwami is an employee of a company that controls a yakuza group underground. When they both meet a fierce battle between these two which had been continued for years gets heated up. Their battle will decide who will survive.


It’s not like all of these titles will get an anime adaptation but they could get as people have voted for it. There is a high chance of it. Let’s see what will happen. Do you know? You can share your opinion in the comments.

Note:- All the information that we provided in this blog post is based on the information we got from Anime-Japan.

If you feel like the above blog post information is not correct or missing something. Feel free to correct us..

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