Chainsaw Man: Makima Powers and Abilities Explained

Before I talk about Makima’s Power and Abilities you must know about her. she is a senior fellow and leader of an experimental unit Tokyo Special Division 4 in Public Safety Devil Hunters.

When our man Denji transformed into Chainsaw man and killed Zombie Devil, right after the fight Makima appeared the following day. She gave him two options: join her squad or died as a devil by her.

Denji accepts her offer because first time in his life someone has treated him as a human and promised to give him the facilities that he once dreamed of, besides that my boy Denji develops romantic feelings for her.

After all, she is a cutie beauty with light red hair and two longer side bangs that frame her face. Yellow eyes with multiple red rings enhance her look and the attire she wore (white long sleeves, a black tie, black pants, and brown shoes) matches her perfectly.

Makima Personality

At first, she seems nice, gentle, social, and friendly woman and the smile on her face can make anyone relaxed. However, this is only a mask that she uses to fulfill her main goal. When Aki Hayakawa passes away, Makima begins to show her true colors to Denji. In reality, Makima is someone Machiavelli, cunning, and calculating who views people around her as merely “dogs” that she can use whenever she pleases and who must obey her without hesitation.

Makima is quite cunning, cold, and manipulative. Despite promising Denji a romantic and sexual relationship, she threatens him with extermination if he disobeys her. Her motivations for achieving her goals are ruthless and dispassionate, even if it means risking the lives of those she should be protecting.

Main Goal of Makima

Initially, we learn that Makima aims to control Pochita, using the Chainsaw devil’s devil erasure power to create a world of fear, death, and conceptually problematic movies.

Makima, after believing that she has defeated Pochita in Chapter 96 of the manga, says that she wants to spend a happy forever with him. Even if she loses, it will be an honor to be eliminated by him.


Makima Powers and Abilities

Despite being one of the strongest individuals in the Chainsaw Man world, Maki is feared by humans, fiends, and devils alike. In the show, the President of the United States said that other countries had already given up on fighting against her except America.

Let’s talk about her Power, Physical Abilities, and Supernatural Abilities in a few points.

Makima Powers and Common Abilities

  • Regeneration:- Just like the demons in any other anime, she could heal herself by sucking blood.
  • Strength:- Makima has remarkable physical strength that gives her the ability to fight effectively in hand combat without counting on her subordinates.
  • Enhanced Smell:- Makima identifies people primarily by smell, as she was able to tell that Pochita still existed within Denji.
  • Devil Contract:- All devils are capable of lending their powers to humans in exchange for a sacrifice. The contract Makima made with Japan’s Prime Minister really takes this ability to the next level. All fatal injuries to Makima are passed down as random illnesses to Japanese citizens as a result of this contract.

Makima Supernatural Abilities

  • Command:- In the Manga series, She is able to command and control rats, birds, and other small beings. However, we later learn that she can command human beings even without their knowledge. That we know that she can force people to make devil contracts with her.
  • Stealing Abilities:- From Knowing of her powers that she can contract with the devil, she even uses the abilities of the Devil like the snake devil, angel devil, and others by keeping them on a leash and controlling them that seen in Chapter 95, in Manga series.
  • Invisible Projectiles:- This is an ability to shoot an invisible force like a bullet to inflict heavy damage. Makima uses it from her index finger. She usually “Bang!” while using this ability.
  • Manipulation:- Makima can manipulate people to sign Devil’s contract with their knowledge. It is a type of Hypnotism.
  • Remote Destruction:- Makima can use a destructing power to destroy any particular region as she wants. But she can do it by only doing certain rituals.
  • Corpse Control:- Makima can even contract with the corpse as she does in Chapter 66, she uses her power on a dead person to contact the devil the deceased was in contract with.

Till now, we have talked about Makima’s power and abilities and if you are wondering if Makima is unbeatable then we should take a look at her weakness.

Makima Weakness

Makima was practically unkillable because she was contracted to the Prime Minister of Japan, which essentially passed all fatal damage along to the citizens of Japan. Denji was able to eliminate her by utilizing her heightened sense of smell to identify people, which she used to recognize people. Using the devil’s blood, he prevented her from regenerating and thus interrupting the benefit of her contract.

Basically, Denji will eliminate her but now the question is whether Makima is alive or dead. Just keep scrolling to know your answer.

Makima is Dead or Alive?

After deceiving Makima with a duplicate body of Chainsaw Man, Pochita and Denji defeat and kill her in chapter 96. But that’s not the end of Makima’s story. The control devil will live on. Each devil is sent to hell after death unless consumed by a devil. Upon death in hell, the devil is reincarnated as a human.

After killing Makima, Pochita doesn’t consume her, so she reincarnates on Earth soon after. Fortunately, devils do not remember their past after each death. It is revealed in Chapter 97 that Control Devil has been reincarnated as Nayuta, a young Chinese girl who possesses no malicious intentions, at least for now.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Makima a devil or a human?

It was revealed that Makima is the Control Devil, an ancient and powerful devil as old as humanity itself. This devil was feared by human beings for several centuries as well as by many other nations.

Why did Makima want Pochita?

As Makima explains to Kishibe, Pochita can erase devils’ existences and the concepts they represent by eating them. Her goal is to defeat and control his power in order to erase concepts that she feels are unnecessary for humankind.

Who is Makima in love with?

Makima, after believing that she has defeated Pochita in Chapter 96 of the manga, says that she wants to spend a happy forever with him. Even if she loses, it will be an honor to be eliminated by him.

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