Bilibili‘s official website has set a bait to attract many anime lovers toward them. Bilibili website is mainly famous for Chinese donghua and manhua but it also has a few anime titles but only for premium users.

Recently, they have made limited episodes of Bleach free to watch but this time they have made available whole episodes of Bleach anime free. Not only Bleach but they are also Streaming the Detective Conan anime series too.

You should remember that they have only made all episodes of Bleach and Detective Conan free to watch not their movies. Movies are only available for premium users.


Watch Bleach & Detective Conan Legally!

I guess this is the first time that any Streaming service is streaming such popular titles free of cost. Many of us watch anime on p*rated websites to save money. So, this is the best to watch Bleach anime legally as its TYBW arc is coming next month on 10 October. Don’t let this opportunity to get a slip from your hand, just go and binge-watch the all episodes as soon as possible.


It started to air in 2004 and its new arc is coming next month. It has a total of 366 episodes and some movies too.


Ichigo Kurosaki was born with the ability to see ghosts from his birth. One day his family got attacked by hollows so in order to protect them he became a Substitute Soul Reaper by taking the power of Rukia ( Soul Reaper). He dedicated his life to protecting his family, friends, and the people around him.

Problems With this anime?

Bleach has a lot of fillers when I say a lot, I mean it. You could say that it is even more forward than Naruto in terms of Filler percentage. It almost contains 45% fillers. Well, I could only say that skip all those fillers and jump to the main episodes only. Overall this anime is really my personal favorite and I rank it above Naruto Series. You might think that is Bleach better than Naruto. Yes, for me at least, and below is the reason why?

What Made this anime So Good?

Well, there are a lot of points that made this anime so amazing to watch. First is Villains, you might have watched a lot of good villains with very sad backstories but in bleach, the villains have no sad backstories. They are just meant to be villains. It shows that even without a sad backstory a great villain could exist and here I am talking about Aizen-sama.

Other than villains, the drip of Bleach characters is the best in the Big 3. How can we forget about waifus? Bleach has one of the best female casts in the Big 3. You will definitely love them.

Bleach is the only anime that could make whole fans go crazier but with a single word, most of you may have guessed, Yes it is Ban-kai!

So just go and watch it……. It totally recommended from my side…

Detective Conan

Well, I don’t really know anything about this anime as I haven’t watched it yet and I don’t have any plans to watch it in the future. This series is still going on and 900+ episodes have been aired already. It also has 15+ movies. It is a case-solving and mystery-type anime so you could give it a try. If it suits your taste then you can proceed to watch it.

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