BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India, alternative version of pubg for india why did the government ban BGMI in India? by the country’s government and there has been a lot of confusion among the player base regarding the ban. While some fans are eagerly waiting for signs of a return, others have commended the move to ban the game as BGMI was reportedly communicating with servers directly or indirectly located in China. Here is a breakdown of events that led to the ban of the game and what we can expect to happen next.

BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India, an alternative version of pubg for India is facing the same fate as its global variant after the Indian government blocked it in the country. Initially, only sources confirmed the ban. While citing security and privacy concerns with the game, the actual reason behind the government’s decision was unknown.

  • Recently Indian government’s official statement showed up on the internet.
  • The response to the request has revealed the official reason behind the ban on the game and also confirming the government’s meeting with Krafton’s representative.

BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India

KRAFTON BGMI unban date confirm that the game will back with the proper safety and precautions of the user Here, in this article we’ll tell you about BGMI unban date confirm in india by KRAFTON and the reason why indian government banned BGMI  It’s been 2 and half month since our favourite game BGMI was banned. Now i have good news for gamers.

BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India
BGMI unban date confirm in india by KRAFTON
  • As we know that the game BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most played game of India. When news came that the game is removed form play Store and app store millions of users were shocked,
  • Regarding the unban of the BGMI the Indian government has not passed any official statement yet but the developer of BGMI – KRAFTON is very confident that they will do it again and game will be comeback soon in India
  • Minister confirms meeting with BGMI developer KRAFTON in subject of game unban.

BGMI unban date by KRAftON

  • From our personal source we got to know something about unban of game.
  • BGMI users will be happy after reading and knowing  that the KRAFTON is planning to  re-launch the game very soon.
  • From our personal source’s information the predicted BGMI unban date confirm is mid of December

About BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • BGMI-Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG mobile
    South Korean gaming company named KRAFTON made BGMI
  • This is a Battleground game, in this, you can compete with 100 players in the same match
    This is also a multiplayer game you can play duo or square. In squad you can play with a maximum 4 players and you have to shoot other squad to win the match
    You have to come in first place to win the game and when you win the game your reward is not just a simple victory but the game gives a special name to victory
    “Winner winner chicken dinner”
  • There is more than 6 maps in the game
    And has multiple modes to play according to your mood. The maps are Erangle, Miramar, Vikendi, Livik, Karakin, Sanhok. The most popular map is Erangle.

The major reason to ban BGMI

  • The government banned BGMI because when it seems that they revealed the user’s data of Android smartphones to the server named Tencent owned by china. So because of the excessive exposure of the data and information of the users, in India, approximately 280 applications have been removed from the Google Play Store.
  • The Indian government officially banned BGMI under section 69A of the IT Act, and the Indian government has decided to outlaw the Indian version of pubg BGMI from India
  • On the basis of this statement, we can clearly understand that the game has been violating the specific laws and regulations,

KRAFTON official statement

KRAFTON official statement
KRAFTON official statement

Dear Patron of BGMI,

We are committed to the Indian market and are positive about the opportunities in the country. At KRAFTON, Inc. the security and privacy of our user data is of utmost importance to us. We have always been compliant with all laws and regulations in India including data protection laws and regulations and will continue abiding by them. We thank you for all the love and support you have shown us in our journey up till here and hope to continue our association in the future as well. There may be questions in your minds regarding the current situation about the country’s most loved game – BGMI. In line with this, we have been working hard to communicate our sincerity with the concerned authorities and resolve the issues.

Thank you,

Sean Hyunil Sohn CEO, KRAFTON, Inc India


  • Now the rumours are coming from the top creators of BGMI is from Scout(Tanmay Singh)Op. He said that he doesn’t want to create any fake hype as he doesn’t have any information on it . All he knows is that BGMI comeback seems dicey. Its launch was planned for December.
  • How to buy UC in BGMI after ban

    It is not possible to buy Unknown Cash (UC) anymore in BGMI as the game has been banned and Krafton has taken the decision to suspend all in-app purchases. Any websites claiming to sell UC in BGMI are misleading and should be avoided.

    Will BGMI be unbanned in India?

    There is no official confirmation regarding an unban and while there have been signs of Krafton working to re-release the game, players should wait for an official announcement before being hopeful about the game’s return.

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