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is a website focused on Games and Anime. This site is for all those who want to try hundreds of games and want to explore different anime genres.

On this website, we bring you the latest news about anime and games and also suggest you some games and anime through our blog.


It was created by two high school students when they found that gaming in India means playing battle royale games like free fire and BGMI, people are spending most of their time and money on such games and don’t even try other games.

Anime is not that much popular, some people generally call it cartoon because they haven’t watched a single anime. cartoons and anime both are the same for them and they also think that such things are watched by small children only.

Hence, we established Simp Broz to share our knowledge with others.

SK8 The Infinity season 2

Our Goal

  • To promote Anime and Games.
  • To share our knowledge about Games and Anime.
  • To make you entertain.

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