Games are one of those things that we use to play to entertain ourselves. Every gamer will like to watch one of his played games in animated form. The dubbing over it with suitable background music will take the experience to another level. so, today we will tell you about 5 Anime titles that are based on Video Games.

I hope you have played one of these video games that later got their anime adaptation because these are popular among gamers if you haven’t played it so make sure to play at least one of them. now, let’s start our today’s topic 5 Anime titles that are based on video games.

5. Steins; Gate

Stein’s gate did better with its anime series than its game. This story is about a self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe. Who creates a device that can send a message back in time, but ends up messing with the timeline. Now, the only way he can save the precious member of his lab is to restore the original timeline to the point where it was.

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4. Persona

Persona has also been adapted into many anime series, and perhaps the most notable of them is Persona 4. All of the characters in the anime are extremely well-written and the anime is very faithful to the game. Yuu Narukami, the protagonist of the story, is a young woman who moves to the quiet town of Inaba. Eventually, he discovers that he can pass through the TV and enter another dimension through it. Now, Yuu and his friends are trying to figure out why a mysterious killing is occurring in the town.

3. Fate/Stay Night

There are many successful series based on the Fate series, but one of the most successful is Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blades Works. There is a story about a magi Rin who must fight with her servant Archer as well as her classmate Amiya in the holy grail war. She must defeat a number of strong enemies in order to receive the ultimate prize.

2. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is considered one of the most popular franchises in gaming. This game has many anime adaptations. But it is the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children version that is the most praised and recommended. There is an extended fight scene between Cloud and Sephiroth in the movie, which gives us more details about the character’s origins.

1. Cyberpunk Edgerunners

The story of this anime is linked to cyberpunk 2077. The story is about a young high schooler David Martinez struggles to make a life for himself when his mother is killed in random gang violence in the corporate-ruled cyberpunk cesspool known as Night City. With only the clothes on his back and a stolen super-speed implant, Martinez is left with nothing but the clothes on his back. However, there is death, pain, and brutal violence lurking around every corner in Night City, and what is the rarest of all commodities is trust.

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